Individual learning is a new trend of the twenty-first century. The learning process has changed on its roots. The reason for those fundamental changes is an ever-changing information technology era. Its accessibility allows many people to study at home or in communities for individual learning. The process lasts a much shorter period because there is no need to memorize tones of facts, formulas, and data anymore. Today you only need to know where to find it.

Alternative ways of learning

Together with innovative technologies, there are new ways of professional grows. Learners and researchers must take into account all the literature that appears constantly. To complete a complicated coursework, a pupil doesn’t have to spend hours in a library anymore, everything is accessible online, including, an online academic support. Today the trend of communities for individual learning is growing. The reason for this growth is a high demand for the information which includes any innovative technologies. For that reason, there are plenty of IT online and offline courses, portals and databases.

Online courses are individual learning communities

There is no need in moving to another city or country to obtain professional knowledge. Plenty of online platforms offer competitive programs in all study programs. Some of them are free, and others are not. They can be commercial with an official certificate or informal and provided by universities or social organizations. For example, Berkeley University offers informal online study programs. Other schools recommend certain online courses in addition to the compulsory ones. Online study platforms are a perfect example of individual learning communities.


Which tools to use for the best result?

The online study doesn’t require pens and copybooks. You only need a device with a stable internet connection and a quiet place. It can be your phone, a tablet, a laptop or a stationary PC. For courses which require additional software, you need to check the requirements. The optimal solution is a laptop. In a case you are sure that you don’t need any Windows software, use any Apple device. It is light, safe and productive. For any other program use a Windows laptop. An additional monitor is a perfect solution for designers, programmers, producers and other professions which require constant work with another software.


Your phone, Apple Watch, fitness tracker, or a mechanical alarm will do for organizing your time. This is one of the most important issues in the individual learning. The communities provide you with the information but don’t control your performance. For that reason, you need to upgrade a time management, concentration and self-control skills first. The daily reminders are perfect tools for tracking. You can not only set up the alarm but also control regularity.


Discussion clubs and forums

The discussion is one of the most effective ways of learning. Students not only memorize but also understand the material much better when discussing it with others. Today it is not a problem to become a part of an online community and follow the latest news together with topics. By doing so, you will always become up-to-date information and will have a chance to talk to like-minded people, ask for a piece of advice or share achievements. Communication is another powerful tool for individual training.